Nature Mural Design by ATADesigns at Dora Rose Care Home
Bespoke nature mural design for Dora Rose care home, Staffs. Interior design by White Space Living.  See Dora Rose Project.


ATDesigns Care England Certificate

We Design Wall-Coverings & Murals for Care Home & Healthcare Projects

Designing wall-coverings and murals for the care home and healthcare environment is an area ATADesigns have been working on for some time.  We provide a bespoke design service that can help you create a wall-covering or mural design to suit your projects.When designing for the care home or healthcare environment, whether it be, for patient care in a hospital, residents in a care home, clinics, hospice, doctors surgeries or the staff that work at these establishments, their needs must come first. There are many different kinds of requirements depending on the type of practice and care involved. It is vital to create a safe and caring environment, including its interiors.  We like to think that our bespoke wall-covering and mural designs play a large part in these kinds of spaces, promoting well-being and positive influence on emotions, leaving patients and residents feeling comfortable, and happy in their environment.

Mural design by ATADesigns working in conjunction with Wallsmiths at Towerview Care.

Award-winning music wall mural designed to evoke memory installed at Towerview Care, Burton-on-Trent.  See Towerview Care Project

ATADesigns & Wallsmiths join forces to work on care home and healthcare projects together, offering a print and design consultancy service.

To help realise this project, surface design specialist, Annette Taylor-Anderson of ATADesigns and Gareth Wyn Jones printing specialist and founder of Wallsmiths, an expert in wallpaper printing have joined forces to work on healthcare and care home projects. With Wallsmiths on board, we offer our customers a bespoke design service where we, work closely with our clients to create a design from scratch to suit their project needs. 

We like to bring the outside in and evoke memory

Our clients like to bring the outside into a design, inspired by nature or local surroundings to envoke memory and familiarity. We, like our clients to feel right at home with our beautifully styled designs.  We at ATADesigns create the designs, and Wallsmiths provides fantastic commercial quality printing on wide-width wall-coverings.

Map mural design by ATADesigns and Wallsmiths installed at the Sutton Rose Care Home

Bespoke map recoloured + places of interest added. Installed at Sutton Rose care home, Sutton Coldfield. Interiors by White Space Living. 

 Boutique Maps for Interior

We have a special license with a map company. We can provide you with a map from anywhere in the UK. Our Boutique Maps for Interiors are perfect for any interior space. These maps are designed to create a talking point, making an instant visual impact on any wall.

Our map service, allows you to: 

  1. Take any existing map from anywhere in the whole of the UK.
  2. We can help you with any specific area or street to print.
  3. Add your own twist with a recolour or style to match your colour palette.
  4. Have it printed in one-piece on our contract width vinyl wallpaper.
  5. You can print any size up to 5 metres high to 10 metres width.
  6. We can install the wallpaper if required.
  7. Our contract vinyl has all the necessary fire rated requirements, we can provide you with on request.

  Bespoke map design by ATADesigns and Wallsmiths at Dora Rose care home

Bespoke map recoloured + places of interest added. Installed at Dora Rose care home, Staffs.  Interior design by White Space Living.

We create bespoke designs tailored for your projects

We work closely with our clients to create the perfect mural or wallpaper design for their projects.

We like to research the history of a project and bring historical features from the research into a design making the mural personal to the project.
All you have to do is, discuss your ideas with us;  we will then bring them to life through bespoke design.


Bespoke gym mural design by atadesigns at the Sutton Rose care home

 Bespoke mural design for the gym area at Sutton Rose care home.  Interior design by White Space Living.  See Sutton Rose Gym Project


Bespoke mural design by ATADesigns for the Sutton Rose care home

Bespoke birds mural design installed at Sutton Rose care home.  Interior design by White Space Living.  See Sutton Rose Project

Illustration Design

We have a unique and versatile design style when creating wall-covering and mural designs, depending on the type of project; this could be through a mix of hand-drawings, photographs, or illustrations to finally print digitally.

Murals for corridors, dining rooms etc.

Our clients often asked us to create illustration designs for long corridors.  The illustration could be a street scene with local shops, such as a flower shop, hairdresser or a post office, or simply a pub with a bar for a dining room.

When creating a scene, we like to incorporate places of familiarity in the design to help with memory, especially for people living with dementia.

We have already created illustrations for:  a bus stop, the interior of a flower shop, a post office and street scene.


To give you an idea of what we can do, here are some illustration examples:

Bespoke bar mural design installed at Cranford Residential Home, Exmouth.  See Cranford Residential Project


Flower Shop Window Illustration design by ATADesigns
Bar illustration design by ATADesigns for care home
Bespoke mural design by ATADesigns for hairdresser in care home
Bespoke post office illustration design by ATADesigns

About our wallpapers

At Wallsmiths, our designs are printed on contract wall-coverings for the healthcare and care home market. The substrate we mostly use is Fabtex which is a heavyweight fabric with a small amount of PVC on the face for printing, it has a fine smooth cloth texture and is waterproof, comes in 160 cm widths which makes it suitable for printing in one piece, as most care homes corridors have a handrail which splits the wall so that the wallpaper can be installed horizontally in one piece so that there are no seams, we use water-based inks which are cured, by UV light after printing, the inks are remarkably durable and scratch and fade resistant and can be cleaned with commercial cleaning agents without degradation.


Other wallpaper substrates we use are:

Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper:  This wallpaper is very durable and waterproof. The wallpaper face is bonded, to a non-woven fabric back which helps to keep the wallpaper rigid while installing.


One-piece fabric wallpaper:  Waterproof and hard-wearing, usually polyester-based this can be one large piece of a fabric wallpaper printed to the size of the wall with a bit of bleed the installed in one piece, easy and quick to install by professional decorators, has no seams to pick and come loose, can be up to 5 metres wide and 10 metres long and over! Most wallpapers contain little or no vinyl.


All wallpapers are fire-rated, and a certificate supplied on request after each project.


With the healthcare and care home industry in mind, all wallpapers are suitable for high traffic areas, waterproof and durable/hardwearing, easy to clean and can take the day-to-day knocks and spills. It is better to use large-width wallpaper with a heavyweight giving the wallpaper more residence to impacts. 



Contact us with your enquiries

If you would like us to design wall-coverings or murals for your healthcare or care home projects, drop us an email or give us a call.


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