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Both ATADesigns and the bespoke wallpaper printers Wallsmiths first met Karen Spooner, Matron at Towerview Care - Bridge, Burton and Trent Court at the Dementia Expo in Birmingham. Karen was looking for a mural or wallpaper design that was not only decorative but also stimulates memory due to the complex behaviours that can be displayed by some of the gentlemen, at the care home. Towerview is a working environment, so the wall coverings needed to be robust, tough and durable to deal with the day to day wear and tear of a nursing home. Karen liked our ideas and so invited us to meet the team.”


Music Wall Mural - Games Room Corridor

The brief was to create a mural design, wall coverings and canvas prints for the gentlemen's social rooms and corridor at Trent Court.
Bespoke Music Wall Mural by ATADesigns for Towerview Care, Burton-on-Trent
It was a lot of fun creating this music-inspired mural for the social room corridor at Towerview.  I was, inspired by Towerviews attempt to create a music wall that originally, had black and white A4 photocopies of Elvis Presley and music notes on the wall.  Having seen what Towerview was trying to achieve, I decided to create a design that was colourful, stimulating and evokes memory.  At Towerview, some gentlemen have dementia, so with this in mind, the concept was perfect for what I wanted to achieve.  I did a lot of research before creating the mural. One of the questions I asked was the age range of the gentlemen, which was from the 1930s to 1960s. Once all images and information were collected, I compiled a collection of music icons from the 1930s to 1960s including, Elvis Presley, Doris Day and The Beetles etc.


Music wall mural design by ATADesigns for Towerview Care, Burton-on-Trent
I am pleased to say the reaction to the installed mural is positive, here is a quote from Towerview Care:   
The designs are really bold and colourful, we added little touches with the blinds but, overall, I am really, very pleased with the outcome.” said, Karen Spooner. It has taken a lot longer to finish the work than originally anticipated, because of COVID, of course. We spoke to several of our gentlemen about the redesign of the music wall, to see what they thought about it, and the general consensus is that they like it. Harry said, “yes it’s got all the people”, when asked if he recognised anyone, he replied “that’s Doris Day”, with a huge grin.

TV Rooms 1 & 2

Towervew Care, Burton-on-Trent
The first newly decorated TV room reflects past cars and adverts the gentlemen might well have seen back in their time, printed on large canvases by Wallsmiths. The colours in the room are nostalgic teak blue and maroon to work with the furniture and canvases.
Map mural by ATADesigns at Towerview Care, Burton-on-Trent
In the second newly decorated TV room we have continued the colour theme from the first TV room for a coherent whole. We have created a vintage map of the area as a mural, pinpointing iconic places of interest. For the walls, we photographed green spaces (i.e parks etc.) of the local area and printed canvases to complement the walls. We worked with Towerview to establish what they wanted to achieve for each room.
Canvas prints by ATADesigns at Towerview Care, Burton-on-Trent

ATADesigns is working in conjunction with the bespoke wallpaper printers Wallsmiths on all care home projects.

I would like to thank:
Shirley Rowe – Managing Director
Karen Spooner – Matron
Fiona Southgate – Psychologist
Teresa Taylor - Facilities Manager
Deborah Hiller - Marketing
It was lovely working with you, and hope that we will work together again in the future.
Client:  Towerview Care (Bridge, Burton and Trent Court)
Designs by:  ATADesigns
Contract Wallpaper & Canvas Printing by:  Wallsmiths
Video produced by:  ATADesigns

Project Video

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