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ATADesigns is working in collaboration with Wallsmiths (printers) to bring bespoke maps to your wall space.
Our boutique maps for interiors are perfect for feature walls in hotels, bars, restaurants, offices, hospitals, care homes and the residential market.
These maps are designed to create a talking point, making an instant visual impact on any wall. Our mapping service, allows you to:
  1. Take any existing map from anywhere in the whole of the UK.
  2. We can help you with any specific area or street to print.
  3. Add your own twist with a re-colour or style to match your colour palette.
  4. Have it printed in one-piece on our contract width vinyl wallpaper.
  5. You can print any size up to 5 metres high to 10 metres width.
  6. We can install the wallpaper if required.
  7. Our contract vinyl has all the necessary fire rated requirements, we can provide you with on request.
The wallpaper is seamless and easy to apply.
If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss your requirements,
feel free to contact us:

Here are some example ideas:

Boutique Map Design by ATADesigns installed at Dora Rose Care HomeBoutique Maps by ATADesigns by ATADesigns for Care HomesBoutique Map for Interiors by ATADesigns for Care HomesBoutique Maps Design by ATADesigns for Care Homes