Texintel - ATADesigns in front of her mural at Dora Rose Care Home

Building A Business As An Independent Designer

Digital technology has democratized the print space, giving access to print for all and at an affordable cost.

ATADesigns featured in Texintel Podcast by Debbie Mckeegan

Texintel Podcast with ATADesigns

Texintel - A Podcast for the Textile Industry talks to ATADesigns about her work.
February 01, 2018
All Things British Mural Design by ATADesigns

The Idealist States ATADesigns A Modern Hero

Imagine if your work was hung on the walls of some of the finest hotels, bars and homes in town. Imagine if, when the form of an image or object caught your eye, you could incorporate it into patterns which play with everyday ideas but say something witty and beautiful that people will want to live with and enjoy every day. Well, you’ve pretty much imagined Annette Taylor-Anderson’s job right there.
Mural designs by ATADesigns feature in ACID Member Article

ACID Member Focus - ATADesigns

Find out from ATADesigns how their proactive IP strategy utilises ACID Membership Benefits to support their IP Rights to ensure business growth!

July 29, 2016