ATADesigns Wins The Solution Awards 2021



Thank you to everyone who voted for ATADesigns for the Solution Awards 2021 by Earth Island Publishing. 


ATADesigns is a winner of the Solutions for Wide Format printing sponsored by Epson.  Winning the award in 2019 was Amazing. Winning it again for the second time in 2021, especially for the Towerview Care project, is very special and means a lot.

Project submitted: Bespoke music wall mural design by ATADesigns for Towerview Care working; in conjunction with the bespoke wallpaper printers Wallsmiths. ATADesigns and Wallsmiths work together on all care home projects. With ATADesigns design knowledge and Wallsmiths printing/consulting expertise, we offer a fantastic creative design experience with the best quality printing.  


About the mural:  It was lovely working on this project and with the Towerview Care team.  Towerview Care says that this wall mural sparks so many conversations and reminiscences. We are certainly pleased to hear this, making it all worth it to design the mural for the staff, ladies and gentlemen at Towerview, and especially people living with dementia.


I will post pictures of the award soon. 


In the meantime...


A BIG THANK YOU again for voting. 



To see the project and video click here:   Towerview Care Project

Towerview Care Project - Bespoke mural design by ATADesigns working in conjunction with the bespoke printers Wallsmiths
November 17, 2021 — Annette Taylor-Anderson

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