Cranford Residential Home

In 2020 before the COVID 19 lockdown, we met Cathy Rant, the Registered Provider and the Registered Manager of The Cranford Residential Home at a trade show in Exeter.  Cathy explained; at Cranford, they have a shed called "Cherry Tree Cottage Pub" used for activities and would like to transform the space into a pub scene.  A place where visitors can also enjoy meeting the residents over lite food and beverages, especially during the summer.  The brief was to create an old cottage style, pub scene mural for the back wall.

Cherry Tree Cottage Pub - A shed turned into an immitation pub

Bespoke Mural Designed to Scale

Bar Illustration Design by ATADesigns for Cranford Residential Home

To create the mural, Cranford presented us with the proposed colours for the shed, to incorporate into the design.   Each design element in the mural, we designed to scale so that the mural appear life-size.

Bespoke Bar Mural Design by ATADesigns for Cranford Residential Home
Installed bespoke mural design by ATADesigns at Cranford Residential Home

Project Video

Here is a short video of the project and how we put the mural together.


ATADesigns (designer) is working in association with Switchscene (printers) on care home projects.

Video by:  ATADesigns

Mural design by:  ATADesigns

Mural priinted by:  Switchscene

Client:  Cranford Residential Home

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