Mind the Gap Mural by ATADesigns in Lifestyle Magazine

(above) Mind the Gap digitally printed wallpaper panel by Adrienne Chinn & ATADesigns

Written by Shelley Pond

Trendspotting: Urban styling brings grit and grey to the fore

City skylines, iconic landmarks, street signs and public transport maps are inspiring patterns, colours and textures

A few weeks ago I wrote about a wave of trends that has a strong urban appeal, with elements of concrete, graffiti and erosion appearing in product and interior design, and grey being established as a new neutral.

In an intensely urbanised world, this trend takes inspiration from contemporary youth culture, the latest in digital technology and the fast pace of change that has become the norm. The future cityscape is dynamic, diverse and in constant development, with change, transformation and flexibility emerging as key themes.


August 25, 2011 — Annette Taylor-Anderson

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