Hamilton Litestat Perception CFX & Kews Leafy Florals Mural by ATADesigns

Photography by Thanos Pal, Floral Mural by ATADesigns (above picture)

Statement, without distraction with Perception CFX

Hamilton Litestat’s adaptable Perception CFX wiring accessories will see you through this season, the next, and many more to come.

With the wallpaper trend showing no signs of abating, as well as scenic and mural wallpapers continuing to be extremely popular, Hamlton Litestat can provide the perfect wiring accessories to blend and harmonise with your scheme. Hamilton’s Perception CFX range of electrical wiring accessories are almost imperceptible, allowing a wall design to really stand out. The plate design has concealed fixings and features a 4.2mm snap-on clear front plate with a slightly rounded edge that allows your chosen wall covering to be inserted for a seamless look that blends discreetly into the décor.


December 11, 2020 — Annette Taylor-Anderson

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