Happy New Year by ATADesigns

I would like to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'd like to share a short video of some recent projects featuring wall-coverings, murals and fabric designs I created. Working with Matt Rawlinson (Raw Design)  and Sashana Miller, Melissa Miller (Idyllic Property Services) on the Archangel Project.  Matt Rawlinson (Raw Design) on the Three Blackbirds project. Towerview Care Group on the music wall mural. Sean Storey (My Perspective) on The Priory project. The Sutton Rose care home. Also working in conjunction with Gareth Wyn Jones (Wallsmiths) on the care home projects and wallpaper printing. Sleek Editions brilliant fabric printing. Arka Chergui - collaboration fabric design for The Priory. Thank you guys, always great working with you. 



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